WCE Documents

Some documents included below: the aggregation plan (tells how the program is organized), the program notification package (lets new electricity customers know about the program) and the disclosure labels (showing what electricity was purchased for the program.

Waltham Community Electricity Aggregation Plan explains how the program will operate.

Customer Notification Letter – sent to new electricity supply customers who are eligible for automatic enrollment in the program. Explains program options, product rates, renewable energy content and for those who choose to opt out, ways to leave the program before enrollment.

Customer Notification (PDF) – En español

A sample Eversource bill showing participation in the Waltham Community Electricity program.

WCE Outreach and Education Materials

Learn about the program through 2 informational videos recorded by WCAC-TV with Councilor Vidal, one in English and one En español.

WCE program flyer – a program overview for easy distribution in electronic or print format

Waltham Community Electricity presentation

The City organized four webinars for the general public before program launch, starting on March 23, 2021 (view recording).

Also, on April 8th, 2021 the Council on Aging sponsored a webinar specifically for their constituents.

Frequently Asked Questions about the program in English and en Español

Waltham Community Electricity presentation

Community presentation about the Waltham Community Electricity program.

Waltham Community Electricity postcard

Postcard sent by the program to let eligible customers know of the program start.

Disclosure labels

The Disclosure Label is prepared and periodically updated by Waltham Community Electricity program’s electricity supplier. It provides detail on the energy mix for all program options. These documents are updated only periodically, therefore, the label available at this time may be for electricity supply from an earlier period.

Massachusetts Environmental Disclosure Label

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